1. In order to edit or remove the "NEXT BIG EVENT IN" text in the top bar, please follow the steps below: 

Step 1:

Please go to Dashboard > VamTam > Layout > Header > Top Bar Text field

If you don't see this field, you need to change the Top Bar Layout. 

On the screenshot below you can see which layouts include the Top Bar Text field:

Step 2: 

Please copy the original demo's code and paste it into the "Text" tab of a post/page text editor.


Here's the original code: 

<span style="color: #ffffff;">NEXT BIG EVENT IN:</span> 

[wpv_tribe_events layout="single" style="light" count="1" ongoing="ongoing text" lead_text="" view_all_text="" view_all_link="" read_more_text="Read more" cat=""]





Step 3:

Please switch to the Vamtam tab editor and make the changes you need:

Click on the "pencil" icon to edit the drag and drop element. On the screenshot below you see the default demo settings:

Please note that this shortcode gets and publishes automatically the very next event. If you want to show a specific event then place it in a category and select that category in the element's option panel.


Step 4:

Please switch back to the Text editor and copy the edited code. You can use the shortcut setting: Cmd+C / Ctrl+C (for Copy) and Cmd+V / Ctrl+V (for Paste)

Step 5:

Please go to Dashboard > VamTam > Layout > Header > and paste the code in the Top Bar Text field. 


Step 6:

Hit Save Changes button.

Step 7:

To see the changes please refresh your browser and/or clear browser cache.

2. In order to translate in other language the "NEXT BIG EVENT IN" text in the top bar, please follow the steps below: 

Step 1: 

You can translate the "NEXT BIG EVENT IN" text two ways: 

- Please translate this text directly in the code in the Top Bar Text field (point 1, Step 1)

- Or translate this text with the Vamtam Drag & Drop editor (point 1, Step 2)

Step 2:

You can translate directly in the Vamtam Drag & Drop element all highlighted in the screenshot below texts: Ongoing Event Text and "Read More" Text

Step 3:

To have DAYS | HOURS | MINUTES | SECONDS strings translated, please translate the theme's .pot file - you can check this tutorial.